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Institute a center of knowledge, education, and development of art music which is dedicated to contributing to the community of art music in Indonesia, Asia, and the world.



  1. Upvalue the art music in Indonesia by conducting concerts, recording sessions, and collaboration with internationally acclaimed artists.

  2. Establish a network of musical ecosystem to kindle the society’s participation in the development of art music.

  3. Elevate the role of creative and critical young artists that gives out new ideas, as well as in presenting new works in IYSO’s programs.

  4. Conduct training programs to nurture erudite musicians possessing leadership qualities and human values that enable them to devote themselves to the development of Indonesia, particular to the fields of art and education.

  5. Embracing the roles of diverse society to establish a knowleadgeable audience with high appreciation for the arts.

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Young Poeple's Concert goes to school: Budi Mulia Dua


16 Desember 2016

*to be confirmed


Dimana ?

Budi Mulia Dua



Haydn "Bear" Symphony

Antonio Vivaldi: Spring


Reza Nuradian


Newsletter from our Music Advisor

"I feel honored and privileged to have been asked to be the musical advisor of the Indonesian Youth Symphony Orchestra. I strongly support..."

Newsletter from our Music Director


"I sincerely congratulate the IYSO team that has invested heavily to achieve the dream, and I am proud of..."

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